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New Fleet Of Trucks

At JR Fibres ltd we are always looking at ways to improve our service and customer care, so we are pleased to announce the addition of three new trucks.

All our trucks are now either euro 5 or 6 which means they are the most efficient and clean trucks available, all designed for low emissions and economy. The new trucks greatly increase our carrying capacity which enables us to offer substantially more flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.

Our fleet is now made up of two 26 ton, two 18 ton and one 7.5 ton trucks, the three new trucks carry our new striking livery promoting our key brands within the group. We also have plans to update our existing trucks with the same distinctive design.

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Greener By The Day

James Robinson fibres Ltd, committed to reducing our carbon footprint are pleased to announce that from the beginning of may we will be producing our own electricity.

We took the decision a number of months ago to install solar panels, with the work now completed we are able to take full advantage of the suns valuable green renewable energy, even on dull overcast days we are able to convert the power of the sun.  We have installed a 100 KW system which will generate 79000 KW hours of electricity per year, which equates to 2/3rds of the electricity we require to power our machinery, office equipment, light and heat, in turn this saves 42,930 kilos of CO2 annually, quite a considerable saving!

Reducing our carbon foot print is a vital part of our future, James Robinson Fibres Ltd will continue to investigate and invest in new technology, looking to further increase this saving.

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