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The Finest European Duck Feather

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European Duck Feather


James Robinson Fibres is one of the oldest textile companies in the UK.

We have supplied quality fillings to the furniture and soft furnishings, clothing and bedding industry for over 45 years and we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of wholly sourced European feather and down products; from a simple duck feather through to the finest EN 100 pure down.

Our European feathers are predominantly from the Muscovy (Barbary) duck, and are 100% French guaranteed. Our producer is situated in the western part of France - one of the most important duck breeding areas in France. All activity is strictly regulated and monitored by the French Ministry of Agriculture and veterinary services as required by EU law. Our European duck feather is 100% new material – there are no second hand or recycled feathers - and is 100% compliant with EN 12934 and 12935 Standards and Regulations.

Chinese Feather

The simplest type of feather, a natural filling giving a feel of luxury.
Colour: White / Grey
Size: 2 - 4 cm
Packed in compressed bales - approximately 75 - 80 kg
CleanlinessFeathers are washed with detergent and cleaned ithe water for approximately one hour then dried in an steam dryer at 120 degrees for approximately 30 mins
Certification: All feathers are covered with a vetinary certificate and tested to BS5852 part 2
IDFL certified for traceability

Washing & Sanitising

The feathers are loaded into industrial washing machines, washed with anti-bacterial agents at a temperature of 130 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes, followed by a thorough rinsing and spinning cycles.



They are then passed through sorting machines. The feathers and downs are naturally calibrated by ascending air flow into different chambers in relation to their weight and size. The feathers are then de-dusted again to remove all residual dust.

Blending and Standardisation – per size and type.


Drying & De-Dusting

Feathers are thoroughly dried, cooled and de-dusted for the first time. This ensures the feather and down is as clean as possible to avoid them becoming oily and matted.


Packing & Packaging

All of our feathers are loose packed in breathable bags which allows the feathers to circulate and move, thus ensuring premium quality and minimal damage to the feather during transit and storage. Feathers below 50:50 Feather/Down are loose packed in approx. 25kg bags, feathers which are above, and including 50:50 Down/Feather are loose packed in approx. 18kg bags.

Quality Assurance

At every stage of the process, samples are taken and assessed, tested and analysed by our producers internal laboratory to ensure the very highest of quality in compliance with the strictest international standards.
Quality Assurance
Our feather manufacturer is EDFA certified


Thanks to the integrated state of the art water treatment plant, all the water used during the production process is filtered, cleaned and recycled for future on-going production. This supplies most of the water required. All waste residues go into making organic fertilizers.


From our centrally located warehouse in Bradford we can supply from 1 bag upwards of all the types we carry as stock, other types we can supply subject to quantities and availability.

Stock Items:

  • Duck Feather

  • 90:10 Feather/Down

  • 85:15 Feather/Down

  • 70:30 Feather/Down

  • 50:50 Down/Feather

  • 70:30 Down/Feather

  • Pure Duck Down


To complement the Duck Feather we also offer high quality scatter ticks & cambric on the roll

  • 18" x 18" Scatter Ticks

  • 20" x 20" Scatter Ticks

  • 22" x 22" Scatter Ticks

  • 24" x 24" Scatter Ticks

  • 27" x 27" Scatter Ticks

  • 1.52m wide x 100m cambric rolls

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