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Upcycling Textile Waste

We have a fully trained and dedicated team of sorters and graders situated in our large warehouse in Bradford to prepare the wastes to our customers individual requirements.

Where possible all our finished products are packed in high density bales, wrapped and banded with wire bands ready for shipping overseas. The high density presses that we utilize enable us to load between 10 – 16 tonnes in a twenty foot container and 20 – 25 tonnes in forty feet containers dependent on quality and type of product.



Knitting wastes

New acrylic/blended acrylic clippings graded into:

- Jazz
- Self shade for sorting
- Sorted solid colours
- Knitted old/synthetic sweaters graded into:
- Jazz
- Self shade for sorting
- Sorted solid colours

New wool, Cashmere knitted wastes.
Knitted old wool sweaters graded into:

Original self shade -
Jazz -
White -

New Hosiery Clippings from Underwear Manufacturers graded into:

Bleached White -
Single Bleached White -
Natural/Ecru -

Carpet Treat Waste
Sortable mix coloured 80/20 Axminster Type
White 80/20 Axminster Type
Sortable mix coloured 80/20 Hard Twist
Polyester belting and high tenacity thread waste
White -
Mixed colours -
Weaving / upholstery threads
- Mixed coloured
- Wool Rich and Synthetic Blends
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