Virgin Bicomponent (Lowmelt)

A fibre used in the process of Thermo Bonding as a binding agent, being made up of 2 components, the sheath (Thermo – Bonding Component Polyester) and the core (Regular Polyester), usually blended with other fibres to produce non-wovens.
Denier:  4 / 15
Length (mm):  32 - 102
Cross section:  Round
Holes:  Single
Produced from:  Virgin PET
Colours:  Raw White
Finish:  Slick 
Melting temp:  110deg
**Industry standard is 4d / 51mm - other specs available on request**
Nonwoven Blends
Carpet Yarns
Soft Furnishings
Our fibre is sourced worldwide to ensure the best quality and most sustainable process.
All our fibre meets BS5852 Part 2
Our fibre is fully recyclable at the end of their useable life, creating a closed-loop manufacturing cycle.

James Robinson Fibres Ltd, a leading independent manufacturer, stockholder and supplier of Polyester staple fibres, supplying predominantly to the furniture, furnishings, and bedding industries, with large warehouse facilities situated in Bradford UK and near Keelung, Taiwan, we strive to offer excellent customer service with consistency and continuity of supply in the UK and Global markets.

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